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Albrecht & Partners is a team with over 20 years of practical experience in strategy, leadership, and communication. We actively support management boards and business owners in running their businesses.We are motivated by the results achieved by hundreds of our clients. We work with people, not just companies. We prioritize long-term partnerships in relationships with the leaders who have placed their trust in us. 

We operate on three levels: company strategy, team development, and the individual effectiveness of leaders. Clients most commonly choose advisory services on a subscription basis, as well as strategic workshops and Executive Coaching. Our areas of support include business strategy, leadership, sales, marketing, and HR.

How will you improve your business?

In 3 simple steps!


Schedule an initial call. Discuss your goals and challenges.


Receive a diagnosis and an action plan. We will prepare a customized implementation guide for you.


Implement changes with our support. We will smoothly guide you through the process to achieve your goal.

Strategy and Leadership

Strengthen your business

Gain an external perspective on your company. Eliminate sources of chaos. Choose what is worth focusing on. Set a clear growth strategy and an action plan in the areas of: managing growth, product development, and team management. Receive support in implementing changes.

Subscription-based Advisory

Gain confidence in your daily decisions. This program helps management boards focus on priorities and confidently overcome challenges at three levels: business decisions, team work, and personal goal achievement. Based on regular communication and consultations in the Business Unlimited subscription.

Strategic Workshop

Resolve a business challenge and improve team collaboration. All within a short project based on the proprietary Business Unlimited method. You will receive a holistic diagnosis of your business, based on which we will design a workshop. These will provide you with an action plan and quick wins for immediate implementation.

Workshop for Shareholders

Do you feel like your team of partners could perform better? Is there a lack of clear role divisions and expectations? Are you combining the roles of owners, managers, and experts? This workshop will help you discover the real sources of misunderstandings, get a grasp of each other's goals, and create an optimal plan for further business development.

Competencies and Collaboration

Strengthen your team

Increase mutual understanding and the effectiveness of board meetings. Build a reliable team considering individual competencies and strengths. Supplement the team with missing talents. Design a working system that guarantees goal achievement.

Team Calibration

Feel like people are working together but separately? Want to make sure your company's management team is operating efficiently? Use our support to build relationships in the team, improve communication, and clearly define role divisions. This approach will give you today an effective team designed for the future.

Fractional Leadership

Not ready to hire the best marketing or HR director on the market full-time? Build a sales strategy or talent management program using the expertise of such a person for a specific project. We will find them for you. Take advantage of knowledge transfer for the development of your team.

Webinar or Keynote Speech

Want to inspire and strengthen your team? Take advantage of a tailor-made presentation or webinar on authentic leadership, personal effectiveness, or business transformation. Greg Albrecht will help the audience gain a new perspective and update their way of operating in an interesting and concrete way.

Talent Supplementation

Feel like someone is missing from your team? Professional evaluation of team members using the Thomas tool, competency mapping, or Gallup CliftonStrengths talent map will help you decide whether it's time for internal or external recruitment, in which we can assist you.

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Priorities, Goal Achievement, and Working in Sync with Yourself

Strengthen yourself

Identify your priorities. Make changes in your life in harmony with yourself. Consciously shape an authentic communication style in the role of a manager. Delegate with peace of mind and reclaim your time. Combat the loneliness of a leader – gain space to talk about your daily challenges.

Executive coaching & mentoring

Want to increase your productivity, strengthen yourself as a leader, and achieve your goals? Effective Executive Coaching creates a safe space for CEOs and board members to work on challenges. You will benefit not only from the coach's powerful questions but also from their experiences and contacts. With Executive Coaching, you will regain time, energy, and increase your sense of agency.

Life & Business coaching

Take the next step in personal and professional development. Share your challenges in a safe environment. Professional coaching according to International Coaching Community standards will help you gain clarity about your priorities and align your work style with them. You will identify what stops you from making changes and overcome your limitations. With the support of an ICC-certified coach, you will achieve your goals.

The Power of Your Strengths

Discover your strengths and learn to use them consciously. Knowing your unique combination of Gallup's ten dominant talents will help you make better choices in your professional and personal context. Thanks to an individual discussion of Gallup CliftonStrengths test results, you will get a better understanding of your way of working, learn what benefits it can bring you, and how to avoid its dark sides.

Leaders Craft Leaders

Are you a business owner or CEO? Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a unique meeting of leaders who want to share their own experiences on how to best develop people and teams. We invite entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs who are aware that the success of their organization depends only partially on strategy and more on the people they surround themselves with.


Read client reviews

Thanks to the workshop with Albrecht&Partners, our team has achieved an extraordinary level of efficiency. Clarity of goals, focus, and getting organized translated into a significant reduction in stress levels. The outcome? My productivity, and more importantly, the productivity of the entire team, soared. I am convinced that the Albrecht&Partners method can increase work efficiency not only for me but for many others even tenfold!
Waldemar Pilch
CEO Formeds
After the workshop with Albrecht & Partners, I see several changes, including the way of thinking in the company. Changes have also been implemented in our branch offices, such as motivating employees, a broader view of organizational actions, and action planning. I recommend Albrecht & Partners for their professional approach because the problems were thoroughly examined and discussed before the workshop.
Ewa Jackiewicz
Commercial Director at CER Motor
Albrecht & Partners helped us many years ago with perhaps the most common challenge in business. The idea for a product in IBERION proved to be great, bringing in a large amount of money and a growing scale, which - let's not hide it - can be overwhelming. Organizing the initial processes, helping to structure the organization, challenging new ideas, and delegating tasks - Greg and Jakub helped us a lot, and we maintain great contact to this day. If you are an entrepreneur in a similar situation to ours six years ago, I recommend them!
Maksymilian Tomanek
Vice President & Co-Owner of Iberion
The sessions were very insightful for me and helped me look at many of my behavior patterns but also understand that I am enough. Ultimately, my discoveries translated into work and collaboration, especially in the area of team leadership and task delegation, but not only, because I also greatly benefited in my private life. What I value most is Greg's authenticity and sincerity. His words resonated with me and he gained my trust from the first contact. His previous experience in corporate work was also very helpful, as certain specific things for this environment did not need to be explained. For me, it was a perfect combination from both a human and coach's perspective. Absolutely recommended!
Tamara Dembinska
Lead of Transformation Management Office at Clariant
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