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We are a group of business practitioners with experience in facilitation and coaching. Among us, you will find experts in the fields of strategy, leadership, marketing, sales, and HR. We work based on shared values: goal orientation, honesty, and trust.

Greg Albrecht

I advise management teams of large companies, as well as owners of rapidly growing small businesses. Together, we overcome challenges in the areas of strategy, leadership, and communication. I help individual business leaders achieve their goals. I am direct and ask powerful questions. Efficiently identifying the crux of the problem, I find the solutions. I share my experiences and connect my clients with the right people.

Martyna Albrecht

I help clients make long-delayed important decisions, and align their way of working with their life priorities, thus reaching the next level in their careers and personal lives. I am a certified coach of the International Coaching Community (ICC). I discuss the results of the Gallup Clifton Strengths test and conduct coaching processes based on a unique set of the client's strengths.

Natalia Suska
I am a psychologist with experience in team management. I moderate and conduct workshops on building relationships and communication within the team. My skills and practical experience allow me to create a harmonious work environment based on trust and collaboration. I aim to discover clients' deep needs and tailor business solutions to their specific requirements, which results in the long-term success of companies.
Martyna Bieżyńska
Mateusz Machalski
Marzena Budziszewska-Pettyn

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Profound knowledge and tremendous professionalism, along with incredible ease in communication and building relationships. Two excellent presentations during The BSS Forum in Gdynia and Warsaw. I would recommend Albrecht & Partners for their professionalism, optimism, and approach to business partners. If you are looking for someone with an insight on how to support business and managers in their development, then Albrecht & Partners is the perfect partner for you!
Wiktor Doktór
CEO at Pro Progressio
Our collaborative work has helped me in many areas that we are dealing with. It has often been an impulse for me to take new actions, and sometimes to change my approach to certain issues. Excellent adaptation to various individual needs. I recommend working with Albrecht&Partners to individuals in managerial positions who already have a certain level of self-awareness, feel the need to implement certain changes or course corrections, or are planning to take on new challenges or projects.
Przemysław Furmaga
Partner at Crido Law Firm
It was worth meeting. Despite initial concerns that we would spend money senselessly, we have already seen multiple returns. After the meeting, we had more knowledge, specifics, and an action plan ready to be implemented immediately. What are the tangible effects of the actions implemented after the workshops? RedSteel's sales in 2019 increased by 80% compared to 2018. The company's assortment is three times larger than in 2018. The number of customers has doubled, and many of them stay with RedSteel for the long term. Despite external pressures, prices remain stable, ensuring consistently high product quality.
Daniel Stachowiak
Owners of RedSteel
I am pleased to recommend Greg Albrecht as a speaker with high competence in the field of entrepreneurship and building innovative solutions in an organization. His speech opened the event inaugurating PMI's regional internal entrepreneurship program - Inspire. Greg presented examples and tools of innovation in a dynamic and clear manner, which strengthened the participants' interest in taking part in the Inspire program.
Michał Izydorczyk
Commercialization Manager Reduced Risk Products at Philip Morris International
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