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Greg Albrecht - Strategy, Leadership, and Personal Effectiveness

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About Greg Albrecht

Greg Albrecht, business mentor, founder of Albrecht&Partners, coach for CEOs and business owners, international mentor for Google for Startups, as well as an entrepreneur and investor.

For over 20 years, he has been supporting executive boards and entrepreneurs in making crucial decisions and improving business efficiency.

He inspires tens of thousands of people through his podcast: 'Greg Albrecht Podcast,' where he engages in conversations with company leaders and shares knowledge about business development.

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Topics of speeches

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Upgrade Your Software: Be Ready for the Unknown

Supports participants in personal development in the face of changes in the world, the company, and life. The title suggests that while we update the software on our smartphones weekly, we can spend years effectively resisting improving our work models.

Greg encourages investing in one's own development and prepares for the unexpected. He teaches active engagement in change based on psychological principles, interesting book examples, and real stories of people who have achieved unexpected results through changing their approach. After this speech, participants will leave with a load of ideas for their own development and a greater openness to change.

This format of speech performs particularly well in companies facing business transformation, changes in management, or expansion into new markets.

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An Effective Leader: Manage in Harmony with Yourself

Helps even the most experienced managers become better leaders. It all starts with getting to know ourselves, correcting our behaviors, and refining our team's working model.

The presentation showcases examples of practices that positively impact team development, engagement, and effectiveness. It helps conduct better meetings, consciously shape organizational culture, and reclaim managers' time. It shows the risks associated with a lack of awareness of one's own incompetencies.

The presentation helps listeners find themselves on an axis between extremes that do not serve good management, e.g., micromanagement vs. delegating without control. The recipient can diagnose on their own where they are and in which direction they can change their approach to get closer to balance. The presentation is based on real-life examples. It offers specific suggestions and examples of books for further exploration of the topic.

This format of speech works in any company that consciously builds the strength of the organization by shaping smart and independent managers. It also performs well at events for representatives of specific industries and business owners.

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Business Unlimited: 10 Strategies to Grow Your Company

Is a buffet of inspirations for entrepreneurs. It broadens the perspective on one's own business through examples from other industries that can be applied to almost any company.

It shows directions for expansion and organizing the business, addressing the most common strategic challenges faced by leaders of small businesses, from family businesses to international startups. It covers areas of increasing sales, managing owners' goals, or organizational structure.

The presentation will give participants tips on where to look for further inspiration and how to translate theory into practice for their own company. After the presentation, the entrepreneur will look at their strategy with fresh eyes. They will feel energized for experiments and course corrections.

It’s a suitable presentation for companies organizing meetings for their business clients, as well as for open conferences aimed at entrepreneurs.

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What will you gain?

Benefits of cooperation

Greg prepares the content of the speech individually based on a conversation with the client and an understanding of the context the event participants find themselves in. The lectures are delivered in English or Polish.

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Profound knowledge and tremendous professionalism, along with incredible ease in communication and building relationships. Two excellent presentations during The BSS Forum in Gdynia and Warsaw. I would recommend Albrecht & Partners for their professionalism, optimism, and approach to business partners. If you are looking for someone with an insight on how to support business and managers in their development, then Albrecht & Partners is the perfect partner for you!
Wiktor Doktór
CEO at Pro Progressio
I am pleased to recommend Greg Albrecht as a speaker with high competence in the field of entrepreneurship and building innovative solutions in an organization. His speech opened the event inaugurating PMI's regional internal entrepreneurship program - Inspire. Greg presented examples and tools of innovation in a dynamic and clear manner, which strengthened the participants' interest in taking part in the Inspire program.
Michał Izydorczyk
Commercialization Manager Reduced Risk Products at Philip Morris International
I value cooperation based on partnership and understanding of needs. Working with Albrecht&Partners, I appreciated the real impact on the final outcome of our cooperation. The result of this collaboration was a tailor-made lecture tailored to the needs of the participants of our event. I was positively surprised by the openness and commitment with which the Albrecht&Partners team participated in networking after the lecture, which was an integral part of the event.
Barbara Kossak
Marketing Manager at IdeoForce
As a speaker, he inspired and motivated the participants of the meetings to take on challenges and develop their activities. His ability to identify ideas with potential and turn them into effective companies is highly valuable. (...) The participants were extremely satisfied and gave the speaker very positive feedback. Moreover, the good reviews prompted us to continue our cooperation with Greg Albrecht.
Aneta Kabot
Marketing Communications Department, ING BANK ŚLĄSKI
Greg appeared as a keynote speaker at two national finals of the PowerUp! project in Warsaw and Prague. I appreciate Greg for his experience and ability to convey the message in an incredibly colorful and light way. Super professional cooperation. He radiates good energy and is an extremely positive person.
Dawid Niedojadło
Marketing and Communications Officer at EIT InnoEnergy
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