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Strengthen your team

The Power of Your Strengths Workshop

If you want to strengthen collaboration within your team, then this product is for you. Through the The Power of Your Strengths Workshop, your team will get to know each other better, improve communication, and effectively support each other in task execution using their talents.

What will you gain?


Utilize the strengths of each team member to maximize the effectiveness of your actions. Improve relationships and communication. A glance at Gallup's map of all talents within the team will allow you to tailor tasks to individuals, enhancing their effectiveness and motivation.

Uncover talents within the team


You'll see how diversity within your team can enhance its effectiveness.

Improve communication


Receive personal user manuals for individual team members, enabling you to improve your relationships and learn how to communicate effectively with each person.


Build trust

Help the team recognize each other's strengths and learn to draw from them. Enhance collaboration and elevate to true teamwork. 

How does it work?

The Power of Your Strengths

The goal of the workshop is to strengthen the team. You'll discover the natural talents of each team member, which will improve mutual understanding and everyday communication. 

First, all team members take the CliftonStrengths Gallup test. Then, we'll present the results in the form of a Team Strengths Grid showcasing everyone's talents in key areas. Think of it as a roadmap highlighting your team's collective strengths. It will help you maximize the team's potential, understand its direction of development, and mitigate potential challenges. 

Uncover your team's hidden strengths! By identifying both shared talents and individual strengths through a workshop format, you can boost collaboration and unlock your team's true potential.

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Examples of challenges that you can address through the the Power of Your Strengths Workshop


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The support of Albrecht & Partners during the transformation of the organization and the change of structure from siloed to cross-functional significantly contributed to the successful implementation of the project and achieving success. Recommendations, advice, and a strategic approach were all invaluable in this process. The analysis carried out by Albrecht & Partners and understanding the current situation of the organization was crucial to focus our efforts on the right areas of action.
Radosław Borkowski
Reprograf Grafikus - Managing Director
Albrecht & Partners helped us many years ago with perhaps the most common challenge in business. The idea for a product in IBERION proved to be great, bringing in a large amount of money and a growing scale, which - let's not hide it - can be overwhelming. Organizing the initial processes, helping to structure the organization, challenging new ideas, and delegating tasks - Greg and Jakub helped us a lot, and we maintain great contact to this day. If you are an entrepreneur in a similar situation to ours six years ago, I recommend them!
Maksymilian Tomanek
Vice-President & Co-Owner IBERION
Thanks to the workshop with Albrecht&Partners, our team has achieved an extraordinary level of efficiency. Clarity of goals, focus, and getting organized translated into a significant reduction in stress levels. The outcome? My productivity, and more importantly, the productivity of the entire team, soared. I am convinced that the Albrecht&Partners method can increase work efficiency not only for me but for many others even tenfold!
Waldemar Pilch
CEO Formeds
It was worth meeting. Despite initial concerns that we would spend money senselessly, we have already seen multiple returns. After the meeting, we had more knowledge, specifics, and an action plan ready to be implemented immediately. What are the tangible effects of the actions implemented after the workshops? RedSteel's sales in 2019 increased by 80% compared to 2018. The company's assortment is three times larger than in 2018. The number of customers has doubled, and many of them stay with RedSteel for the long term. Despite external pressures, prices remain stable, ensuring consistently high product quality.
Daniel Stachowiak
Owners of RedSteel
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