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Strengthen your business

Strategic Workshop for your company

If you want to solve a business problem, a workshop for the management conducted with our proprietary Business Unlimited method will deliver the desired outcome.

What will you gain?


Warsztat strategiczny przynosi efekty zarówno w dużych, międzynarodowych organizacjach, jak i niewielkich przedsiębiorstwach prowadzonych przez właścicieli. Potwierdzają to dziesiątki zadowolonych klientów.

Company Assessment


The strategic workshop delivers results in both large, international organizations and small businesses run by owners. This is confirmed by dozens of satisfied clients.

Strengthening of your business and team


We will conduct an overview analysis and identify key areas for improvement in the functioning of the business. As a result, you will receive a holistic diagnosis of your company.


Clear Action Plan

As a result of our collaboration with the management, you will obtain a ready-to-implement action plan and quick wins for immediate execution.

How does it work?

Strategic Workshop

The success of the strategic project is based on a deep understanding of needs, a precise definition of the goal, and effective moderation of the group to translate ideas into a specific action plan.

Observing the team's work in action allows the workshop facilitators to provide participants with constructive feedback. This generates additional value to the project and supports long-term collaboration among key individuals in the company.

Many clients do not want to stop at the action plan and decide to use our support in the process of implementing changes after the workshop. For this purpose, they take advantage of subscription-based advisory.

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Examples of challenges that you can address through the Business Unlimited workshop:


Read client reviews

The support of Albrecht & Partners during the transformation of the organization and the change of structure from siloed to cross-functional significantly contributed to the successful implementation of the project and achieving success. Recommendations, advice, and a strategic approach were all invaluable in this process. The analysis carried out by Albrecht & Partners and understanding the current situation of the organization was crucial to focus our efforts on the right areas of action.
Radosław Borkowski
Reprograf Grafikus - Dyrektor Zarządzający
Albrecht&Partners wiele lat temu pomogli nam z chyba najpopularniejszym wyzwaniem w biznesie. Pomysł na produkt w IBERION okazał się świetny, pojawiły się duże pieniądze i coraz większa skala, która - nie ukrywajmy - może przytłoczyć. Poukładanie pierwszych procesów, pomoc w ułożeniu struktury organizacji, challengowanie nowych pomysłów, delegowanie zadań - w tym wszystkim Albrecht&Partners bardzo nam pomogli, a świetny kontakt utrzymujemy do dzisiaj.
Maksymilian Tomanek
Vice-President & Co-Owner IBERION
Thanks to the workshop with Albrecht&Partners, our team has achieved an extraordinary level of efficiency. Clarity of goals, focus, and getting organized translated into a significant reduction in stress levels. The outcome? My productivity, and more importantly, the productivity of the entire team, soared. I am convinced that the Albrecht&Partners method can increase work efficiency not only for me but for many others even tenfold!
Waldemar Pilch
CEO Formeds
It was worth meeting. Despite initial concerns that we would spend money senselessly, we have already seen multiple returns. After the meeting, we had more knowledge, specifics, and an action plan ready to be implemented immediately. What are the tangible effects of the actions implemented after the workshops? RedSteel's sales in 2019 increased by 80% compared to 2018. The company's assortment is three times larger than in 2018. The number of customers has doubled, and many of them stay with RedSteel for the long term. Despite external pressures, prices remain stable, ensuring consistently high product quality.
Daniel Stachowiak / Marcin Strzemkowski
Owners of RedSteel
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