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Strengthen yourself

Life & Business Coaching for you

Imagine a life that feels exciting and purposeful. Ready to make long-postponed changes? Professional holistic coaching can help you with that.

What will you gain?


Individual coaching will allow you to look at professional challenges in a fresh way, identify new opportunities, and find solutions in a safe environment. Overcome roadblocks and limiting beliefs to make changes on your own terms.

Uncover your goals


Gain clarity on your personal values, priorities and aspirations. Define what exactly limits you and what you need to move forward.

Make overdue decisions


Develop a roadmap for success and take action. Implement changes step by step.


Achieve your goals

Feel satisfaction with the results. Gain a sense of agency and shape your life in harmony with yourself.

How does it work?

Life & Business Coaching

Business & Life Coaching has proven results. Effective holistic coaching is based on a structured process and the competencies of a certified coach. The foundation is asking powerful questions leading to deep insights.  

Want to adapt your work style to your life priorities? Don't settle. Find a path that aligns with you and increases your satisfaction with life.

As part of the process, you will discover your goals, dispel doubts, and gain a new perspective. All in an atmosphere of partnership, trust, and full confidentiality. 

We adhere to the standards of the International Coaching Community (ICC), where the process includes 8 sessions over approximately six months. Sessions are conducted in Polish or English.

We also offer Debriefing Sessions on the Gallup CliftonStrengths test results and coaching based on individual talents.

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Examples of challenges that you can address through the professional coaching


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I highly recommend Martyna, I had a chance to be her coachee. During the session, she found a great balance between listening and asking questions. Her way of building relationships is so natural that I had no blocking factors to work with her on sensitive issues. By using a simple fashion metaphor she helped me to see my problem from a different perspective and that helped me to come up with deep insights, which are still valid for me.
Małgorzata Łysiak
Toyota Tsusho Europe - HR Assistant Manager, Europe Regional Trainer
I highly recommend working with Martyna. As a coach, she effectively accompanies in discovering and using your full potential. With her insightful questions and thought-provoking skills, Martyna helps to see new options with fresh eyes. Her approach is characterized by a combination of lightness and professionalism, making the process of identifying talents and resources a positive and rewarding experience.
Izabela Olech-Pytkowska
ING Polska - Senior Agile Coach
I highly recommend Martyna, I worked with her and she captivated me with her professionalism, broad view and lightness with which she used coaching tools to help me release my potential. The solutions I found thanks to her coaching are efficient and long lasting. Beautiful adventure, thank you Martyna!
Roksana Jacquet
Nadii - Business Development and Public Relations
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I have been working with Martyna for around 6 months and I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for professional coaching services. Through a combination of insightful questions, active listening and compassionate problem solving, Martyna is able to quickly and effectively build trusting relationships that allow for working on deeper issues. Not only are the sessions themselves deeply insightful, but Martyna also provides tools and exercises that I still use in everyday life.Thanks to Martyna's guidance, I have been able to effectively identify areas in my life that I wanted to work on and create improvement strategies. More than this, though, I have also been able to better recognise my own strengths and accomplishments and appreciate certain areas of my life.
Aneta Gesiorska
Co-Founder - Eleven Visualization
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