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Challenges that CEOs and business owners most often approach us with:

How to manage the company's growth?
How to enhance the effectiveness of the management team?
How to be a better leader?

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Benefits of cooperation

What you gain by working with us?

Diagnose and strengthen your business on 3 levels: company strategy, team effectiveness, and your personal development as a leader. With our proprietary Business Unlimited method, proven in collaboration with hundreds of companies, you will achieve your goals.

Business development

Gain an external perspective on your company. Eliminate sources of chaos. Choose what is worth focusing on. Set a clear growth strategy and an action plan in the areas of: managing growth, product development, and team management. Receive support in implementing changes.

Team development

Increase mutual understanding and the effectiveness of board meetings. Build a reliable team considering individual competencies and strengths. Supplement the team with missing talents. Design a working system that guarantees goal achievement.

Individual development

Identify your priorities. Make changes in your life in harmony with yourself. Consciously shape an authentic communication style in the role of a manager. Delegate with peace of mind and reclaim your time. Combat the loneliness of a leader – gain space to talk about your daily challenges.

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Are you a business owner or a board member? Schedule a free call, and we will tailor the best solution for your company. If you prefer to choose now, below you will find products most commonly picked by our clients. They are effective both in international organizations and owner-managed enterprises.

Our team at your disposal

Benefit from our experience and expertise

We are a group of business practitioners with experience in facilitation and coaching. Among us, you will find experts in the fields of strategy, leadership, marketing, sales, and HR. We work based on shared values: goal orientation, honesty, and trust.

Greg Albrecht

I advise management teams of large companies, as well as owners of rapidly growing small businesses. Together, we overcome challenges in the areas of strategy, leadership, and communication. I help individual business leaders achieve their goals. I am direct and ask powerful questions. Efficiently identifying the crux of the problem, I find the solutions. I share my experiences and connect my clients with the right people.

Martyna Albrecht

I help clients make long-delayed important decisions, and align their way of working with their life priorities, thus reaching the next level in their careers and personal lives. I am a certified coach of the International Coaching Community (ICC). I discuss the results of the Gallup Clifton Strengths test and conduct coaching processes based on a unique set of the client's strengths.

Natalia Suska

I am a psychologist with experience in team management. I moderate and conduct workshops on building relationships and communication within the team. My skills and practical experience allow me to create a harmonious work environment based on trust and collaboration. I aim to discover clients' deep needs and tailor business solutions to their specific requirements, which results in the long-term success of companies.


Read client reviews

This is what you need, even if you are not aware of it yet. Initiating collaboration with Albrecht&Partners was one of the best decisions I made in recent years, and the results of our joint work far exceeded my expectations. I greatly value Greg for his openness, genuine interest, and the values he lives by. I was surprised by how quickly and efficiently we moved forward. Each meeting opened up new possibilities and directions in my mind, allowing me to transform and reach a new level over the period of six months.
Maciej Szott
Co-Owner at Luxon LED
The support of Albrecht & Partners during the transformation of the organization and the change of structure from siloed to cross-functional significantly contributed to the successful implementation of the project and achieving success. Recommendations, advice, and a strategic approach were all invaluable in this process. The analysis carried out by Albrecht & Partners and understanding the current situation of the organization was crucial to focus our efforts on the right areas of action.
Radosław Borkowski
Managing Director at Reprograf Grafikus
During the sessions, Greg created a safe space that allowed me to explore my goals, values, and challenges. Thanks to his skills, I gained new perspectives and tools that helped me achieve the desired results. It is also worth emphasizing that Greg demonstrates an unprecedented commitment to the development of his clients. His open and friendly communication style fosters trust and a relationship based on mutual respect. I highly recommend Greg as a professional coach. His skills, knowledge, and passion for helping others are incredibly valuable.
Marta Marzec-Robak
Managing Partner at LSW Bieńkowski, Laskowski, Leśnodorski, Melzacki and Partners sp.k.
Our collaboration aimed at preparing me for a conference as a speaker, as well as refining the message for the market in the case of acquiring additional companies. What I admire about working with Albrecht&Partners is their immense professionalism, sensitivity, and preparedness for the meeting. The jointly planned marketing activities got noticed in the industry, resulting in the appropriate feedback. The undertaken actions were effective as the interview I prepared for was noticed by investors, competitors, and clients. I have full trust in the brand and in Greg. I have never been disappointed in his brand. I appreciate the way they cooperate with the client, the comfort of working on the project, and the peace of mind around it. I recommend Albrecht & Partners for their professionalism and effectiveness.

Dzięki błyskotliwym pomysłom Albrecht & Partners, nasz oddział 1Win Azerbaycan odnotował redukcję kosztów o 23%!

Marta Osiak

Dzięki błyskotliwym pomysłom Albrecht & Partners, nasz oddział 1Win Azerbaycan odnotował redukcję kosztów o 23%!

CEO at EIP Dynamics
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