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5 Benefits of Hiring an External Advisor

Have you been thinking about introducing a new product, service, channel for way too long? Want to open the window and let the innovative breeze inside? The Independent Business Catalyst can guide you through the process of change — saving you time, money and boosting your business results.

What are the 5 benefits of working with an external advisor? Let’s see what Independent Business Catalyst stands for.

Independent — not part of your business structure — this gives you the maximum objectivity of thought. Benefit: inspiration and feedback — will tell you things others would not see or keep to themselves

  1. Objectivity is hard when you are involved. It leads to short-term focus on personal profits, not long-term company’s development. For example an employee flattering his boss, instead of giving honest feedback. Independence limits that risk.
  1. Outsider is less influenced by how things were and are done in the company — the birds-eye-view that removes the bias affecting management. Bias caused by spending most of the time inside this or that industry, department, company. Independent advisor brings inspiration from multiple industries.

Business — focus on the details, don’t loose the big picture in every single thing you do Benefit: business centered thinking for your projects

  1. Business is business — it’s not a shelter for lazy people and weak projects. It’s a result driven environment, so every move must keep in mind the cost and the outcome. Sometimes is tough for people to understand in, while they are employees not the business owners. Sometimes business owners stick to much to their beloved “baby” project and as a result stay for too long in the comfort zone.

Catalyst — spark new ideas and innovate execution by trusted network and positive attitude. Benefit: change is actually happening

  1. Sales is giving. Mingling networks and people in order to bake a bigger cake. Multi-industry experience of an external advisor gives the opportunity to get more trustworthy information in much better pace. You can get inspired by business practices from the industry you have never heard of. Benefit from the variety of opportunities.
  1. What is an idea without the execution? What is thinking without doing. Sometimes you need somebody to encourage you to try. If you take somebody on the boat it’s really not cool if you don’t manage to leave the shore. Catalyst is your passport to trying and change.

Encouraged to try? Hire your sparing partner today!


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